Husbands Who Kiss Their Wives Regularly

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Do you know that Husbands who kiss their wives regularly live longer than those who don’t? This is according to research. A recent study revealed that married men who kissed their spouses on a regular basis live longer than married men who did not regularly kiss their partners. The study looked at data from the National Health and Social Life Survey.

Men who regularly engage in affectionate gestures with their partners live longer and have fewer health problems, too. Kissing is an act of affection. So, it stands to reason that it would improve relationships. According to studies, women who were emotionally supportive of their husbands also expressed more affection. The more support that a wife gave her husband, the more likely she was to remain emotionally supportive and less likely to express complaints or seek revenge after an affair.

In fact, studies have shown that married men who kiss their wives on a regular basis actually have higher self-esteem than those who don’t. In addition, these married men have higher marriage satisfaction than other married men. Interestingly, the married men who kiss their wives on a regular basis also have sex more frequently than other married men. Interestingly, when one of their partners asked why they do this, the answer was, “It feels good.” Amazingly, the other partner didn’t think it was a good thing.

According to another study done on married men in relationships, it was discovered that the more their partners expressed guilt following an affair, the shorter their marriage lasted. Interestingly, this didn’t only hold true for guilt-filled couples, but also for couples with guilt-free couples. When it comes to relationships, the amount of time that passes between an affair and the final divorce is directly related to the amount of emotional pain that the cheater feels. In fact, it was found out that men who had affairs with their partners lived an average of five years less than those who did not. Not only did the men who cheated stay single longer, but their wives also had a shorter marriage expectancy than those who didn’t.

In fact, researchers discovered that the reasons why married men cheat had little to do with physical attraction. It was determined that they had more problems dealing with guilt. Men who cheated on their wives were diagnosed to have higher levels of stress and anxiety and had weaker relationships with their children. These findings suggested that anger was also a big factor when it came to why married men had affairs.

Although the relationship between guilt and cheating may seem paradoxical, it is important to understand that both men and women experience guilt after cheating. It is just that men tend to manifest it in different ways. Husbands who kiss their wives regularly live longer than those who don’t because they have less fear of having to deal with guilt. They are more emotionally stable and thus don’t allow anger to build up as much. The longer they stay married, the happier their wives are, and the longer their children are exposed to a happy marriage.

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